Ai Plus Learning Center

ai plus learning center

Ai Plus Learning Center

Ai Plus learning center is a comprehensive educational institution in New York. Instructors provide special English Language Training to students. In this article we will discover its aim, teaching environment and program offerings.

Aim of Learning Center

The Aim of learning center is to enhance child’s education and guarantee their success across all aspects of school life. Teachers are skilled, knowledgeable and committed to educate. They equip children with the most useful problem-solving and critical-thinking tools.

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About Ai Plus

At Jinming Ai Plus Learning Center in Flushing, New York, they are a government-registered tutoring school. It has boasts experienced and talented teachers. They offer cultural lessons for students of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to high school. They also offer a variety of interest-based training courses.

Quality Education

The center provides an excellent team of teachers and a comfortable teaching environment. Ai Plus has tailored curriculum according to children’s educational need. They provide quality education services through small classes. Moreover, AI Plus learning center is also providing one to one teaching system, where children can master knowledge.

Program Offerings

Programs include Early Childhood Education; Gifted and Talented Prep (G&T); After-School Tutoring; English Reading, Writing and Speech; Math Enhancement and Competition; State Test Sprint; Special High School Preparation; SAT College Entrance Exam; Language enhancement; computer programming; artificial intelligence; creative arts; chess; Chinese classes; adult English classes; summer camps, etc.

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