Binance suspends withdrawals in USD

Binance suspends withdrawals in USD

Binance suspends withdrawals in USD

There are news being circulated that the popular crypto company Binance suspends withdrawals in USD. This will affect the business community and other people attached.

What is Binance

Binance, a well-regarded cryptocurrency exchange, provides its users with a variety of digital assets to trade and invest in. Its user-friendly interface and robust security measures make it simple for people to manage their digital assets. With favorable fees and rapid transaction times, Binance has become a popular option for those interested in cryptocurrency. The exchange remains dedicated to enhancing its offerings and delivering exceptional user experiences, establishing itself as a prime destination for crypto trading.

Twitter – Binance suspends withdrawals

Credits : Binance – Twitter

According to Binance’s official twitter, Binance is going to suspend temporarily withdrawals in USD. They are doing so from February 8, 2023. This will no affect other crypto buying or selling methods at Binance.

binance suspends withdrawals in usd
Image Credits : Kanchanara – Upsplash

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