Can You Microwave Water Bottles

can you microwave water bottles

Can You Microwave Water Bottles

Most has us might have put plastic bottles in microwave oven at least once or more. You might have used your plastic bottle which you take along at your work place. You probably sometimes have used this bottle in microwave oven to warm the water inside. Is it safe or no? You will learn about “can you microwave water bottles or not” in article further below.

Can You Microwave Water Bottles 

Yes, you can microwave water bottles however, there are certain conditions and safety points which you should be knowing. There is no harm in putting any plastic water bottles inside oven for heating purposes. Just be sure that these bottles are made up of microwave-safe material. These plastics water bottles are usually made up heat resistant material.

Can You Put Plastic Water Bottles in Microwave

It is totally safe to put a plastic water in any type of microwave, provided the bottle should be made of microwave safe material. A lot of people from schools, colleges, universities and even working professional take along their own bottles of water from home to their place of work or study. They sometimes need to warm their plastic water bottles but they do not that the microwave because they all think its unsafe. Actually it not unsafe. You can do it with a little care and attention. Manufacturers use Polyethylene Terephthalate PET in making of plastic bottles.

Plastic water bottles

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Is it Safe to Put Hot Bottles in Microwave Oven

No, Its not safe to put already hot water bottles in microwave ovens. Once anyone do it, the already warm water gets a chance to boil too early. The water in evaporates instantly. This will cause small bottle explosion inside bottles. For ensuring your safety, its better not to put any warm bottles in ovens. 

Whenever you do it, always give extra attention and take extra while handling this. People at home should take necessary precautions while warming up plastic water bottles in ovens. Once you are putting any bottle in microwave, do not leave that place until the work is done.

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