How to Clear History and Cookies Data in Safari

how to delete history in safari browser in iPhone

How to Clear History and Cookies Data in Safari

Are you looking for a method of deleting history, cookies data and cache memory from the iPhone Safari Browser ? In this article, I will tell you step by step how to clear history and Cookies Data in iPhone Safari browser. Moreover, I have been using an Apple device for the last few months. I can easily demonstrate these steps. Additionally, I will also show you the visual representations.

The iPhone has been making cell phones for a long time ago and nowadays people are embracing this brand. iPhone is one of the most selling brands in the cell phone industry in the world. So this query arises in every user’s mind that they can delete history and cache  memory in the iPhone browser. Stay with me in this article and let’s see which steps are involved in deleting the history and cache memory from Safari browser in iOS devices.

Why it is Important to clear Cache Cookies and History in Safari

When you are browsing in the iPhone Safari browser, there is continuously being saved a lot of cache memory. Safari will also save cookies memory in browser data. This data comes from browsing websites , videos and images which you have opened and watched.

Now the purpose of saving cache or cookie memory is to store a complete web page, some part of a video or an image. I am talking about those images and videos which you have recently browsed. Now whenever you open that particular website, video or image again, these websites, mages and videos will be opened in front of you very quickly. This happens just because the browser has already saved the cache memory of these data sites already

Step 1: Open iPhone Settings

First of all, open iPhone settings on your phone. Now, scroll down the menu and find the Safari browser option. iPhone settings have a lot of features and options for a user. Apple devices users can customize settings for every software in iPhone by just opening settings and finding the relevant settings sub menu.
iPhone home page

Find Safari Browser Settings

Now Safari browser settings page will be open in front of you.  Now again scroll down the menu and find delete history and  cache option.

iPhone settings menu

Delete History and Website Data

Hang on, you are almost there to find the right way. Now, in the “safari” menu click on the option “delete history and data”. This will run a process in the backend and clear everything. Now you can press the home button. Your iPhone safari browser is now clear of data and cache.

Delete Cache and cookies in iPhone safari

I hope you can now easily clear your iPhone browser history and data. I know you have got the answer to your query “How to Clear History and Cookies Data in iPhone Safari “. If you feel like there is any improvement needed in this article, let me know. I would appreciate hearing from you. Keep visiting MavePhics for more interesting content. Thank you

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