How To Add Collab Posts on Instagram ๐Ÿš€

How to do Collab posts on Instagram

How To Add Collab Posts on Instagram ๐Ÿš€

Looking to boost your engagement on Instagram in 2023? Learn how to collaborate with other accounts for even more engagement. Our expert guide will show you how to add Collab posts on Instagram like a pro. We all know Collab posts boost your online presence. Donโ€™t miss out on this game-changing strategy for growing your followers on Instagram. I will tell you step by step how to do Collab posts on Instagram.

Define Instagram Collab Post

How to make Collab posts on Instagram

We know that a lot of users on Instagram are taking interest in Instagram collaboration Posts strategy. The posts which are being posted on feed of two different professional accounts at the same time. The followers of both accounts having uploaded the Instagram collaboration posts can like, comment and share these posts. It is a very interesting feature, as you can collaborate with your friends and colleagues accounts. By doing this they can drive audience from other Instagram accounts to yours.

Why It is Important to use an Instagram Collab Post

Instagram has an interesting feature where you can tag otherโ€™s account to your posts and reels. Then this question comes to everyoneโ€™s mind that, why it is important to use an Instagram Collaboration post. Well, there a few reasons behind. I will explain one by one.ย 

More Discoverability

Instagram Collab posts are letting users get more traffic because of it user friendly access. Any user can tap on the profile name written above posts. On contrary, tagged posts require users to first tap on photo, then the account name will be shown. In Collab posts, users have to simple tap directly in the Collab account name, and it will take them to Collaboration account. By doing so, your accountโ€™s discoverability will be increased. You will get more audience and views.

High Engagement

Instagram Collab posts allow incoming users to easily access both accounts (main and Collab account). They can visit your feed, watch reels and can stay on your profile for longer time to enjoy your content. This will increase user engagement and session time. Instagram will up rank content, and ultimately your posts and reels will get more chances to show in feed.

Higher Chances to Show on Feed

Once your Collab post will be posted, it will be shown on both you account and the Collab userโ€™s feed. By doing so Instagram will increase chances for userโ€™s custom feed. If Collab post is from a relevant niche account, then your content will be appear under this custom feed of that specific niche. Ultimately your account will grow more and more.

How to make Instagram Collab Post

Adding a collaboration post in Instagram is an interesting feature.ย  I will tell you step by step how to create an Instagram Collab post.

  1. First of all, uploadย  your post or reallyย  in a normal feed.
  2. Click on that tag people button and here you will find an option here with which you can tag different accounts with your post or reel.ย  Besides this option,ย  Instagram has added another option of inviting collaborator.ย  click on this option,ย  select the Collabย  account and click next.
  3. Post this picture or reel and wait for the Collab account to review and accept this invitation.
  4. Once the Collab account will review and accept this invitation, this picture or reel will get posted on Instagram feed and up till then your post will be hidden.
  5. You can add only one collaborator per post.

Description via Screenshots

In first step click on tag option after uploading picture or reel in feed.

How to Invite Collaborator in Instagram step 1

In second step click on invite collaborator.

How to invite collaborator in Instagram step 2

Type collaborator name in search box.

Invite Collaborator in Instagram

Now Click on done and you are all set.

Invite Collaborator step 3

How to accept Collab Invite on Instagram

In Instagram, Collab feature is really getting famous among creators. Whenever you send an for Collab post, the user will get this request in their DMs. They will review it and accept it.ย  Till the time, user do not accept the Collab post invitation, your post will be hidden from feed.

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