Is an Electrician Needed to Install Data Cable?

Is an Electrician Needed to Install Data Cable?

Is an Electrician Needed to Install Data Cable?

No, We Recommend Hiring a Qualified Data Cabling Technician. While electricians commonly run many types of wiring throughout a home, they mainly specialize in high-voltage wiring. Network cabling or data cabling technicians will specialize in working with low-voltage wiring. While both wirings are somewhat similar, some differences set them apart. A standard for low-voltage wiring could be very different from the standards of high-voltage wiring. Lets discuss further about this query “Is an Electrician Needed to Install Data Cable?”. These data cabling technicians understand the ins and outs of working with internet networks. These technicians will specialize in working with CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a and many other types of ethernet cable.

Network Cabling

Network and Data Cable Technicians

Network and data cable technicians will be qualified and experienced to work specifically with network cabling. A lot goes into a full home wired network, and these specialized individuals will best be able to help you. Network and data cabling technicians have years of experience working with low-voltage ethernet cables. These individuals are best equipped to work with you on your project. Specialized network technicians can diagnose the trouble and slow areas in your Network. With this information, they can recommend utilizing your Network and internet best. A network technician will also know and implement the standards when working with ethernet cables. You want to make sure that your cable terminations will last the test of time.

data cabl techniques

Proper Toolset

A network and data technician will also have the proper tools to complete your home networking project promptly. Since they are experienced in this field, they will have all the tools required to complete the project. This saves wasted time and trips back and forth to hardware and tool stores.

How do you find a reliable network/ data cabling company?

It can sometimes be hard to find a reliable network/data cabling company, especially in more rural areas. We recommend using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find local professionals. Use keyword searches like:

  • Data cabling technician
  • Internet networking company
  • Structured cabling company
  • Wired home network installation

If that does not work, you can always use Bark as an alternative to finding professionals in your area. Bark is a good source to connect directly with local professionals offering the services you are looking for.

Getting Quotes

Before choosing a specialized internet networking company, it is best to try and get a few quotes on the project. Researching multiple companies and getting quotes is especially helpful to ensure you get the best work possible for your home networking project. If you do not take the time to research multiple companies, you could end up spending lots of money on a company that is not as qualified as another. Getting these multiple quotes will also help you understand the rough cost of getting this completed. Sourcing a variety of estimates also helps ensure you do not get price gouged on your home data cabling project.

Could an electrician still complete the work?

While an electrician could easily run the cabling around your home, they may not know or follow the proper procedure for low voltage network cables. Proper wire termination, switch installation and patch panel installation is crucial to ensure your home network is providing the best possible speeds. If there is something wrong with the terminations the entire home network could fall apart. Finding these issues once the installation has been completed is very hard to do. This is why we always recommend using a professional data cabling technician. Once the wiring is run, finding the problem could involve putting holes in walls or needing to re-run the entire length of ethernet cable.

Some electricians know more about networking than others

We have seen some electricians who do know the networking field and low voltage wiring.
These electricians are usually referred to as – wiring unicorns. This is because they can work
with both high voltage and low voltage wiring. It is rare but sometimes you can find an
electrician who is skilled and can work with ethernet wiring. If you find someone who can work
with both low voltage and high voltage wiring we recommend saving their contact details as they will be a useful resource.

Always best to ask your electrician if they are skilled in data cabling

Before going through with anything it is always smart to ask your electrician if residential data
cabling is something they are skilled in. If the electrician seems hesitant or unwilling to take on
the project then do not push. You want to make sure you hire an ethernet professional to best help you. If an electrician does not fully understand the process of how to terminate an ethernet cable the whole project will be worth nothing. Keystones and cables that are improperly terminated will not provide any connection.

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