Best Fiverr SEO Tools For Gig Ranking

fiverr seo tools

Best Fiverr SEO Tools For Gig Ranking

If you are a freelancer, You might be aware of the platform called fiverr. Fiverr is one of the top leading website in terms of buying or selling an online service like graphic designing, video editing, content writing, copywriting etc. Recently fiverr has added AI category as well. You should checkout these fiverr SEO tools right now!

Reasons Why You Should Do Proper Gig SEO

If you are a freelancer and want to sell your skills like video editing, You just have to create a seller account on Fiverr and create a gig. When you create a gig you have basically pitch to a potential client as to why they should hire you. For that reason your gig should be unique and present in a best possible way. The gig should have an introductory image/video which shows what are you capable of. You can share your recent projects pictures or videos, write a description and set your pricing and delivery time.


Fiverr Gig SEO is Important

After the unfortunate spike of COVID-19 in 2020, More and more people started working from homes or invested their time in learning online skills which they can earn from the comfort of their homes. This sudden spike increased the competition among the sellers on Fiverr in almost every field. For this reason to increase the chances of your gigs shown to more buyers and getting an order, You need SEO.

SEO is search engine optimization, which means you have to optimize your gig to show up in first pages because the gigs that appear on the first page has a higher chance of getting an order. SEO is not easy job but with few tools, you can increase your chances to rank up on the first page and get an order.

Fiverr SEO tools You Should Try Right Now

One of the best SEO tool you can use is the Fiverr search itself. You can search for a keyword for which service you want to provide and see the number of results of the same services provided by other fellow sellers. Now what you want to do is target a micro niche of the service you are providing i.e if you search for video editing you might see total 90,000 services but if you type “reels editing”, you might see the sudden decrease in the number of services. Besides this there are few Fiverr SEO tools which you can use:

    • Free SEO review Tools

    • Grammarly for Gig Description

Rest all is dedication, consistency and a good presentation. Fiverr promotes the gig and gives chance to new sellers as well. So, if you are a new seller don’t be worried. Just go and do it 🙂

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