How to Copy and Paste on Goodnotes📱

How to copy and paste on Goodnotes

How to Copy and Paste on Goodnotes📱

Are you an iPad user? In this article, I will show you how to copy and paste on Goodnotes. Goodnotes is an iPad App, which is very cool notes writing platform. I am personally using iOS device so I can tell you the better experience than anyone else.

Here is the table of contents.

  • What is Goodnotes App
  • How to Copy and Paste on Goodnotes
  • Other useful iPad Apps

copy and paste on Goodnotes

What is Goodnotes App

Goodnotes is an iPad app. You can easily install it from App store. Devices with iOS are compatible with this app. Many people including students, entrepreneurs and other workers use this notes app for various objects. They use it for writing important notes. Some people use it to copy and paste important links.


How to Copy and Paste on Goodnotes

In order to carry out this task. You need to follow these two steps. I will explain each step in detail below.

Step 1: Copy the Text or Link

First of all you need to tap and hold on the text or link. Now Select it and copy this text or link to clipboard.

Step 2: Paste in Goodnotes

In second step, open Goodnotes App. Tap in text area and hold for a moment. Now paste your text or link here. you are all done.

Other Useful iPad Apps

Here is the list of many useful iPad apps.

  • Apple Garageband
  • Apple iMovie
  • Pro Create

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