How To Monetize A News Website 🤑

how to monetize a news website

How To Monetize A News Website 🤑

By monetizing news website, Publishers open themselves to huge opportunity of generating revenue. Earning from your website is not a new thing now as other website owners earned huge amount by different methods. But today we are going to specifically talk about “How to monetize a news website.

How To Monetize A News Website: Best Strategies 🚀

We will cut down the chase and get straight to the strategies which you can use to monetize your website and start earning today. Some of the most effective approaches include:


One of the most common and largely used method for monetizing is Advertisements. Publishers can rent out space on their website for advertisers to place their ads on the website and charge money for it. Other method is getting your website approved by online advertisers such as Google Adsense, Ezoic and Adsterra


News websites owners can provide subscriptions to their users to access premium content. In this strategy, You can show a portion of the article and for full access you have to encourage visitors to buy subscriptions for full access. 

Partnership or Sponsorship

Many websites today partner up or get sponsors for their website to promote their services or products through the website. They can produce a sponsored content and charge money for the amount of time or days you want to showcase their product on your website.


Selling items such as custom T-shirts, Caps, Hoodies & Cups can be a great and effective way to earn from your website. For this you need to have a stock available and sell it as merchandise on your website to earn money. 


News websites can host events or workshops physically or online and charge fee to attend. This can be a great and effective way to interact with readers and generate revenue.


Monetizing a news website is a great way to earn from your website. The strategies discussed above are the most effective and widely used on the internet. We suggest to try each one of them for better reach and better revenue generation. To increase visitors to your website, you need good SEO and promotion through social media to attract more visitors.

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