iPhone 15 2023 | Should you buy it or not?

iPhone 15 2023

iPhone 15 2023 | Should you buy it or not?

This article evaluates the iPhone 15 Pro Max as a possible substitute for a DSLR camera, outlining its advantages and disadvantages and recommending users who would benefit from making the switch. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is compact and lightweight enough to carry about in a pocket. It facilitates speedy file synchronization between the phone and a MacBook or 256GB SanDisk iExpand.

iPhone 15 Camera

With 4k at 60fps, 120fps, and 240fps at 1080p, the image quality is superior than that of a Canon 77D DSLR from the early 2010s. Bokeh is less powerful but provides more stable images. Even in contrasting lighting settings, the phone’s screen can withstand the sun’s rays without losing clarity.

Manual Settings

The Moment app for taking pictures and the Filmic Pro app for recording videos both provide manual and automatic shooting settings. The easiest setting is the automatic one. The 256GB of storage on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is more than enough for the vast majority of users. The 512GB model is still available for purchase, but more storage will have to be obtained through some other means, such as the cloud.

Shooting in 4K

Shooting in 4K, Apple ProRAW, or at high frame rates may necessitate the use of bigger filters. You may adjust the exposure by dragging the center of the phone’s two focus and exposure circles or squares. Although it lacks the physical controls of a DSLR body, the device is nonetheless helpful for taking pictures and movies.


The Beastgrip cage enables a DSLR-like configuration, reducing jerkiness in camera movement. A microphone and other attachments can be clipped onto it. The 58mm Tele and the 24mm Wide Moment lenses are used for the portraits. Even if the display on the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been strengthened, it is still recommended that a screen protector be worn. When it comes to protecting and mounting your external lenses, the Moment Leather case is your best bet. The Privacy Case from Spy-Fy is designed to protect your privacy while still allowing you quick access to the front-facing camera and Face ID.

You can shoot for hours without worrying about the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s battery life. When used normally, it may last two to three days between charges, but when taking photos or videos, it needs to be charged every day. The user always has a portable charger on hand.

Should You Buy iPhone 15 or not?

If you’re a content creator and you want a compact smartphone that you can take everywhere. Get great results with, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is for you. A digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) with interchangeable lenses is a better choice if you’re on a tighter budget. Example is Canon 77D,

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