How iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Can Be Done?

iPhone 7 battery replacement

How iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Can Be Done?


Welcome to this thorough tutorial on how to change the battery in an iPhone 7. Don’t panic if you have an iPhone 7 and notice that the battery life isn’t what it once was. You can replace the batteries yourself and save time with the correct tools and some advice. We’ll show you every step that involves your iPhone 7 battery replacement in this post. So let’s start and restore the peak performance of your iPhone 7!

How iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Can Be Done?

It takes careful attention to detail and following the appropriate procedures to replace the battery in an iPhone 7. Here is a detailed explanation on how to accomplish it:

1. Gather the Necessary Tools

Check that you have all the necessary tools for the battery replacement before you start. A few of these include:

a) the Phillips screwdriver
b) pencil-head screwdriver
c) Plastic pry bars
d) Replaceable battery for Spudger Tweezers (confirm it works with the iPhone 7)

2. Power Off Your iPhone 7

Turn off your iPhone 7 before starting the replacement. Slide the power off switch after pressing and holding the power button.

3. Remove the Pentalobe Screws

The two screws that are present on either side of the charging port can be eliminated with the Pentalobe screwdriver.

4. Gently Pry Open the iPhone

Carefully slide a plastic opening tool between the screen and the back casing. Work your way around the edges carefully and slowly to unhook the fasteners securing the screen.

5. Lift the Display Assembly

Open the iPhone like a book. Do loose the clips and now see the inside parts. To avoid any electrical accidents, pry the battery connector away from the logic board with a spudger.

6. Remove the Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips are used to keep the iPhone 7 battery in place. Pull out each strip gently while applying even pressure. Be careful not to harm the strips.

7. Take Out the Old Battery

With the adhesive strips removed, you can now lift the old battery out of the device.

8. Install the New Battery

To secure the new battery, set it in position and press firmly. Reconnect the logic board and battery connector.

9. Reassemble Your iPhone 7

Close the display assembly with caution, making sure that all of the clips are fastened. Near the charging port, replace the two Pentalobe screws.

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Knowing how to replace the battery in an iPhone 7 now will give you the confidence to do it when the time comes. To ensure a successful replacement, remember to gather the required tools, turn off your device, and carefully follow each step. Reach out to licensed service centers or technicians if you would like expert assistance. The performance and lifespan of your iPhone 7 can be greatly enhanced and extended by changing the battery, ensuring that it continues to serve you well. Keep visiting MavePhics for more interesting content.

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