How to make your Blog Posts Attractive in WordPress

how to make your blog posts attractive in WordPress

How to make your Blog Posts Attractive in WordPress

WordPress provides a default block editor for users to write blog posts. This editor allows users to insert content in the form of blocks. Many WordPress users prefer the old Classic editor to use because of its user-friendly features. All we need to do is to install a few useful plugins. In this article we will learn how to write blog posts fast and in attractive ways using the WordPress Classic Editor. Just keep yourself engaged and follow these following easy steps.

Step 1: Install WordPress Classic Editor

First of all open your WordPress website dashboard. Click on “Plugins” and then click “Add New“. Now the Plugin’s window will be opened on your screen. Have a quick look on the installed plugin’s list. Check if you have already installed WordPress classic editor or not. If not then Click on the plugin’s search bar. Type “WordPress Classic Editor“, this plugin will be shown in the top of the search results. Click on WordPress classic editor and Install it. 

After completion of this installation process, click on “Activate“. Now your default WordPress blog post editor is set WordPress classic editor. Here the real game begins.

Step 2: Install “Advanced Editor Tools” Plugin

Go to Plugin’s search bar again and type “Advanced Editor tools” in it. You will find the “Advanced Editor tools” plugin in the initial search results. Click on it and install it. This plugin was renamed recently from “Tiny MCE Advanced” to “Advanced Editor Tools”.

Picture showing WordPress and installed plugin "Advanced Editor Tools"

Now I will show you how main settings page of Advanced Editor Tools looks like. Its having a user friendly settings page where you can customize settings according to your own requirement.

Advanced Editor Tools MCE advanced

Step 3: Install Shortcodes Plugin

I hope you are following me step by step which is really good.  Now, go to plugins option and install “Shortcodes“. Its a simple and highly used plugin. Many of the bloggers use this plugin to make blog posts attractive and stylish. I am showing the a screenshot of landing page of this plugin below:-

Install Shortcodes Plugin in WordPress

You are almost there

You are almost there to start making your article stylish and attractive. Go to MCE Advanced or Advanced Editor Tools” plugin and select “Classic Editor”. Now you will see a settings page where you can customize you editor according to your own requirement. First of all enable the “Editor Menu “. If you don’t want editor menu, you can simply uncheck.
You can add different buttons in the toolbar. I suggest you to add Line button, Justify button, Font Style button and Font size button. With these buttons you can make write blog posts fast really and attractive.
In next paragraph I will show you how can add different short codes in your content.

Add “Shortcodes” in Blog Posts

My dear! I hope you have already installed WordPress “Shortcodes” plugin. We will use it now in our blog posts. Open any old and less stylish blog post and start editing it. Once classic editor will be open, you will see a new button on top of it. This button is “Insert Shortcodes” menu button. Click it and discover a lot of small short codes which can be added to blog post.
Some famous and mostly attractive short codes are “Heading“, “Quote“, “Drop cap“, “Highlight”, “Content slider”, “Author”, “Table of content” and “Text with Icon.
Its quite easy to add these short in articles. I personally use this plugin and I am really happy and satisfied with it. My posts are getting higher in Google search rankings.
Go and start optimizing your old and boring style content now. Just install few free plugins and you are all set. One thing I want to tell you that these plugins are offering basic and premium versions. If you are low on budget, you do not need to worry about, just install free version and use. Free version has many options in it.
If you pay a specific amount, then you will be able to enjoy full and amazing features of these two plugins. I wish you Good luck.

I hope this article will help you a lot in making your content more stylish and attractive. If you loved reading this, or felt any improvement needed in this article, do drop a comment below. I would appreciate it. Keep visiting MavePhics for more informative content. Thankyou!

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