Government to Establish Production Studio for Gaming in Pakistan | CEGA

Government to establish production studio for gaming in pakistan

Government to Establish Production Studio for Gaming in Pakistan | CEGA

Government of Pakistan planned to establish a center of Excellence and Gaming Pakistan. It will Pakistan’s First Modern Virtual Production Studio in NED university Karachi. By creating a center of excellence, Pakistan is taking a big step towards boosting the video game and animation industries. This article explains what a “center of excellence” is, it’s facilities, and how it will help Pakistan’s gaming and animation industries.

Center of Excellence for Gaming and Animation

The Center of Excellence in Gaming and Animation is a specialized building made to help Pakistan’s gaming and animation industry. It will be a state-of-the-art building where young people from Pakistan who want to work in gaming or animation can get training, do research, and work on new projects. Minister of IT for Pakistan has confirmed this project.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

The new center can have facilities that are up-to-date, including rooms for developing games, animation studios, and training rooms. It will also provide mentorship and coaching programs and give these people access to professionals in their fields and the latest technology.

What Benefits will the Center of Excellence Bring to Pakistan’s Gaming and Animation Industry?

Many advantages will come to Pakistan’s gaming and animation industries thanks to the Center of Excellence in Gaming and Animation. The infrastructure and tools required for the creation of new games and animations will be made available, and it will also aid in raising the calibre of already-existing games and animations. The gaming and animation industries in Pakistan will eventually flourish as a result of this.

Motion Graphics Production Studio in Pakistan

Due to the growth of the gaming and animation industries, motion graphics production studios are in high demand. The trend is similar in Pakistan, where numerous production companies have sprouted up in recent years. The demand for high-quality visual content like title sequences and video production is growing, and these studios are there to meet it. 

Here’s a list of Top Graphics Production houses in Pakistan.

  • MotionCue. Video Production
  • Jawad Sharif Films (Pvt.) Ltd
  • CM&D. An Award-Winning Virtual Reality Production Studio
  • Bytechimp. Creating awesome animated videos
  • Torq Labs. Design, Animation, Video & Post Production
  • MadiLinks
  • IRIS
  • Centangle Interactive

The Rise of Gaming in Pakistan

Video games are becoming more and more popular in Pakistan, which has led to the growth of gaming areas there. The gaming market in Pakistan has grown significantly as more people have access to high-speed internet and low-cost gaming hardware. A Newzoo analysis projects that Pakistan’s gaming market would expand by 36.9% by 2023 and reach a total market value of $1.3 billion. This expansion is related to both the increase of mobile gaming in the nation as well as the expansion of gaming zones.

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