Receive SMS for Twitter Verification | Paid Twitter 2FA

Receive SMS for Twitter Verification P

Receive SMS for Twitter Verification | Paid Twitter 2FA

Twitter has announced that it is rolling out a new paid feature for extra account security through SMS 2FA (two-factor authentication). The move comes after the social media giant lost over 60 million accounts to pump 2FA SMS scams last year, which prompted the company to improve its security measures. Blue Tick Users will Receive SMS for Twitter Verification 2FA by paying charges.

Two Factor Authentication

Twitter will now offer its subscribers the option to use text message-based 2FA to secure their accounts. However, this feature will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers, who pay a monthly fee of $11.

This paid option for SMS 2FA came after Twitter’s phone number-based 2FA was abused by bad actors who used it to access users’ accounts. With this new feature, Twitter aims to provide users with a more secure 2FA method. The move towards paid options for enhanced security has been on the rise.

Joining Other Tech Companies

Twitter is joining other tech companies like Google and Microsoft, who have also introduced paid 2FA options in recent years. Twitter has yet to disclose the revenue potential of this new feature. Still, with 60 million a year lost to scams, it is clear that the company has a significant financial incentive to secure its platform.

Who can receive SMS for Twitter Verification

For Twitter Blue subscribers, the new feature will allow them to use SMS 2FA to secure their accounts from malicious actors. Verified users will receive SMS for Twitter Verification. At the same time, non-subscribers will continue to use the phone number-based 2FA for free. The paid SMS 2FA feature will be an optional addition to Twitter’s free security measures. It includes authenticator apps, security keys, and a security code generator.

Official Tweet by Company

In a tweet that the company released, Twitter stated that it would use this paid feature to fight against bot accounts that are used to pump fake followers and other malicious activity. The company is also working on identifying and blocking fake accounts, including those created to impersonate public figures.
The new feature relieves users who have lost access to their accounts due to scams or hacks. Phone number-based 2FA has been a reliable security measure for many users. Tit is clear that bad actors can abuse it. By offering a more secure option only available to paid subscribers, Twitter is taking a proactive approach to securing its platform.

Less Risk of Scams

Twitter’s new paid feature for SMS 2FA will enhance the security of its users’ accounts and reduce the risk of scams and hacks. The feature is a welcome addition to Twitter’s free security measures. This significant change will affect the company’s revenue and user base. With Getty Images and many other large companies falling victim to security breaches in recent times, it is evident that this move by Twitter is timely and much-needed.

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