Too Many Tabs Open? How To Stop Hoarding Tabs


Too Many Tabs Open? How To Stop Hoarding Tabs

Do you feel like you always have too many tabs open? Does this chrome window look familiar to you, even conjure up grimacing relatability?

What most of us see when we work in the browser: too many tabs open

People waste at least 60 minutes a day toggling between apps 10 times an hour — many people would rather do household chores than navigate their digital workspace. Chrome and other browsers are no exception; we do so much of our work in the browser. Increasingly, all of our apps, for work and personal use, are used in the browser.

This is fantastic! It means we don’t need a standalone app to download that we then have to toggle between. Except our browsers end up looking like a smorgasbord list of todos, reminders, reading lists, shopping items, work tasks, videos, and everything else we come across in a day online. It’s exhausting.

Having too many tabs open is extremely distracting. Yet most of us experience this and can’t stop it. We use tabs to serve as little reminders of things we have to do — blogs we want to read, shopping items we want to buy, videos we want to watch, tasks and work items we have to do. Moreover, we’re afraid that if we close a tab, we won’t be able to find it again. These two psychological factors combine to make it pretty hard to close any tabs and over

Throughout a day (or longer if you’re prone to hoarding tabs), we accumulate a collection of cumbersome browser tabs.

Can we do anything about this? Can we finally get organized and feel less distracted and overwhelmed in the browser? Introducing Partizion, the ultimate tool to combat too many tabs.

How to stop worrying about losing tabs

We never close tabs because we worry about losing them and not being able to find them again. Closing tabs confidently increases the likelihood of finding them later, leading to a decrease in the number of open tabs.

That’s exactly what Partizion’s cloud-synced session manager and tab search do. The session manager extension automatically saves sessions and syncs them to the cloud for you. All your sessions and tabs sync across all your browsers and devices for easy access later.

Sessions are safely stored in the cloud so you can restore any session or tab — close them tabs!

In Partizion, to create / save a session you simply close your window. Partizion will automatically save and sync the session for you. You can also use the keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + . (on Mac) / ctrl + shift + . (on Windows) to automatically save and close a session.

Benefits of using a Session Manager

Using a session manager extension has many benefits. Using a session manager reduces the need to keep multiple tabs open, leading to fewer distractions while browsing.

  • Less tabs, less distraction
  • Faster — you can work on the task at hand (Even if it’s shopping)
  • You’ll feel calmer and more in control of your browsing

Just open and close tabs as you see fit, stop worrying about losing tabs and rejoice in the fact that your new cloud session manager will save you if you need to restore tabs or sessions.

How to close tabs and organize your work

Okay so now that you know you can safely close tabs and you’ll be able to find and restore them later, let’s talk about how to actually organize your tabs to be more productive.

Let’s revisit our browser window with way too many tabs above and walk through how we could organize this.

When we break it down, our windows and tabs usually fall into similar “groups” of tabs. Partizion allows you to save these groups of tabs into a Tab Collection — later on, you can open the group of tabs in one click. when the tabs change or you want to add/remove tabs, simply update the Tab Collection and keep working.

If you’re already working in a Tab Collection, say “Project X”, and come across a tab that belongs in another Tab Collection, say “Reading List”, you can simply save and close that tab into the collection and keep working on “Project X”. If it’s time to switch contexts or take a personal browsing break, simply switch Tab Collections in Partizion and voila! You’re off to the races.

  1. Select the tab(s) you’d like to save (Hold cmd on mac or ctrl on windows and select multiple tabs if you’d like to save multiple)
  2. Click on the Partizion extension icon or use the keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + L (on Mac) or ctrl + shift + L (on Windows)
  3. Select the collection you’d like to save it to (use cmd + shift + K / ctrl + shift + k to open the search, It’s ordered by most recent)
  4. Hit save or use cmd + ENTER / ctrl + ENTER to quickly save and close the tabs (You can select the save and close option or use shift + X to toggle it)

We can repeat this process with our “Growth Project” tabs and our work tabs if we like. We can simply close the remaining random / distraction tabs or close the whole window to save it as a session.

Now we have restorable collections and sessions that we can find tabs in or reopen at anytime.

Benefits of using a Tab Manager

Tab Managers can help us get a grip on too many tabs. Some benefits of using a tab manager include:

  • More organized — imagine if you could restore a group of tabs for your reading list, work project, shopping list, or research paper in one click
  • Less costly “context switching” and app toggling — people without a tab manager spend more time switching between tabs and trying to find the resources they need
  • Get more done — You can focus on one task at a time and easily save and close tabs related to other work or personal browsing.

A tab manager can help you get organized and stay focused when browsing the web. By using a tab manager extension like Partizion, you can save and sync your tabs to the cloud, allowing you to restore them later and feel confident in closing tabs. A tab manager helps you organize tabs into collections for efficient task-switching and productivity. Partizion is an excellent tool that can help you manage having too many tabs open and improve your browsing experience.

Using Partizion to combat Too Many Tabs open

Partizion is an essential tool for keeping less tabs open. Partizion helps you stay organized and minimize the number of open tabs. By improving focus and productivity, web browsing will be enhanced. In addition, Partizion is incredibly easy to use and can be installed for free — after the 14 day free trial you’ll want to upgrade to PRO.

If you want to get more organized, focused, and productive in the browser, try Partizion today!

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