What is a Flame Supervision DevicešŸ”„

What is a Flame Supervision Device

What is a Flame Supervision DevicešŸ”„

In our house kitchens, the gas burner is the only which need immense safety and care while usage. Once we use any gas burner item like Kettle, gas cooker or gas grill, we should take extra care. In this article I will tell you about a safety device named ā€œFlame Supervision Deviceā€. This article will cover all queries including ā€what is Flame Supervision Deviceā€, ā€œhow it worksā€ and ā€œimportance of Flame Supervision Deviceā€.

What is Flame Supervision Device

A flame supervision device FSD is a safety button which is capable of detecting the flame or spark and switches on or off the gas supply accordingly. This device works on gas cooker and other devices which uses gas for burning purposes. Other devices include gas oven and grills.

How Flame Supervision Device Works

In our houses and hotels kitchen, gas grills, ovens and stoves are using gas flame burner to cook the food. These gas burners are operating continuously with a supply of gas and spark ignition through source. Spark ignition is manual or automatic depending upon the working procedure of gas product. If, due any reason, this source of gas supply do not get ignition by spark and not converted into flame then this whole gas burner will mal function.

What happens next? the gas will continue to leak out of the supply point and will fill the stove or oven tank. Ultimately, it will fill up in your kitchen or hotel cooking area. If you have installed a flame supervision in your gas burner point then this burner will detect the flame and works accordingly. If there is no flame due any reason, the safety device will automatically cut off the gas supply. Resulting, the gas burner wont do any harm to the people around.


Types Of Flame Supervision Devices

There are several types of flame supervision devices. Lets discuss them one by one.

  1. Thermal FSD
    1. Liquid Expansion
    2. Bi-Metallic
    3. Thermoelectric Flame Supervision Device
  2. Electronic FSD
  3. Vitiation Sensing Device VSD

Thermal Flame Supervision Device (Thermal FSD)

There are three types of Thermal FSD.

Liquid Expansion FSD

  • Delay in operation of this thermal device is 30 seconds approx.
  • Device works on the liquid expansion system. If this fluid, due any reason, get leaked from it, device wont safe the whole system.Ā Ā 
  • Can be used in circulators of water heaters modern gas cookers.
  • It has comparatively more efficient and quicker operation than Bi-metallic strips.

Bi-Metallic Strips

  • This device is usually found in old water heaters and sink heaters.
  • It takes comparatively more time to complete the process of shutting down the gas connection.
  • It does not automatically put of the burner
Bi-Metallic Strip Thermal Expansion System

Image credits: Wikiwand.com

Thermoelectric FSD

  • A good safety device which takes around 20 seconds to cut off the gas supply
  • The works on Thermoelectric alloy system

Electronic Flame Supervision Device

There are three types of Thermal FSD.

  1. Conductance
  2. Rectification

These devices uses D.C and A.C Currents to generate flame detection system. It utilize the ions produced by the flame for detection.

Flame Ionization Detection System. It uses electricity to detect flame

Image Credits: Wikipedia.com

Vitiation Sensor VSD

This device has a unique working phenomena. It utilizes atmospheric gases for it working. It is used in back boiler units. One thing is worth mentioning here that, this device needs to be placed accurately on the burner point. Otherwise its working phenomena will it be carried out genuinely. It comes as one complete working part.

Importance of Flame Supervision Device for Gas Appliances Safety

Safety devices has immense importance for our gas appliances. These flame detectors detect the gas burner flame and automatically close or open the gas supply connection. By doing so, it can save a lot of peopleā€™s precious lives and properties. Most of us have had seen news of TV, saying that gas explosion destructed the whole house and took several lives. These Flame Supervision devices are available in market.

You can also order these from online store. Just ask your contractor to install these device where your gas burner system is fitted. These safety devices also detect any type of leakage in your house or workplace and automatically shuts the supply. It save many explosions and ultimately your lives and properties.

Legal Requirements for Flame Supervision Devices in Gas Appliances

These is a rule set by government nowadays that we have to install gas safety valve in all gas appliances. Before the installation of any gas appliance, this thing must be kept in mind so that you can have a safe living. It also prevents you from any legal consequences.Ā 

Maintenance and Inspection of Flame Supervision Device

Flame Supervision Device or Flame Detection Device are very sensitive equipment. It need immense care and regular inspection for smooth working. This device detects the flame in Gas burning equipment and shut down the equipment accordingly. Here are there important points in taking care of Inspection and maintenance of FSD.

  • A proper technician should carry out maintenance of this device on at least weekly basis.
  • Technician may decide the frequency of inspection check after checking the type of device. Some devices need weekly check while others need a daily check for smooth operation.
  • Technician will first inspect the device by having a over looking it. There is a possibility that they may find any discrepancy while looking it from outer side.
  • Technician will inspect the flame sensor properly.
  • Clean the rotating or other moving parts of the device and properly apply any suitable lubrication on it.
  • They will replace any broken part inside device.
  • Check the temperature control of device. This is one of the main inspection checks.Ā 

Ā I hope this article has covered all your queries regarding what is Flame supervision Device and how it works. Leave us a comment below if you find any mistakes in article. We will appreciate your valuable comments and suggestions. Keep visiting MavePhics for more informative content.

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