What Is E-Farming? Is It Worth It?

What is E-Farming? Is it work it?

What Is E-Farming? Is It Worth It?

Today, everyone with a valid email address is receiving a lot of emails on daily basis. Are those email past of E-Farming? Well I will explain in detail about “what is E-Farming and is it worth it or not?”. I will also give a review by a well known marketer, Igor Kheifets. I myself has a recent experience with E-Farming. Since I am running a website and I have to do marketing in either way. Well I will share my experience and a healthy advice regarding E-Farming.

What is E-Farming?

Lets suppose I am running a start up and I have some products or services to provide. Now If make a lists of email addresses from like minded and same category people, I will be having a bunch of email ids. Next step which I will take is to send professional style emails to these people about my products or services. Here one thing is worth mentioning that the consent of receiver is always involved in this whole process. You can check out his LinkedIn profile here.

Let me explain in simple words. You have to make a list of only those people’s email IDs who have agreed to accept the promotional emails. This whole process is called E-Farming. E-Farming is just like email marketing.

There are many options where you can maintain a strong relationship with your honest followers or subscribers. These subscribers may get optional newsletters or magazine journal of your site. You have keep sending them good and valuable content. You have send informative stuff regarding their favorite category.

According to Igor Kheifets, email is one of the strongest way of building and maintaining the relationship with your followers. Use email marketing to engage your subscribers at maximum. I hope you have got answer of your query “what is E-Farming”, now lets study the importance of E-Farming. 


Who Gave It The Name “E-Farming”?

It is important to tell you that the word E-Farming was not known very much. Igor Kheifets, the famous marketer gave it the name “E-Farming”. Previously everyone used to call it simple digital marketing or email marketing.

Importance of E-Farming

E-Farming has a huge importance these days among people with any business or startup. If you have any kind of website or online store, you should use this marketing strategy for boosting up your income. You send latest updates about your blog to your subscribers. If you are running an E-commerce store, you can send a gig or flyer to your subscribers for the sake of marketing. This will drive more traffic to your startup website or store and ultimately, increasing your profit. E-Farming is a part of digital marketing strategy. Google digital garage has emphasized a lot on the importance of digital marketing.


E-Farming is just Email Marketing

I want to clear this among my reader’s mind, that E-Farming is just email marketing. Most of you might have used this marketing strategy before. Sending latest news and updates and new offers to your honest subscribers is called E-Farming.

Who is Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets is one of the most famous marketer in the world. He has earned a big name in the field of email marketing. Igor Kheifets has not only done the mastery of E-farming but also has a made a major reputation in List building. List building is also a type of digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the best online skills you need to learn in 2023.

Igor Kheifets is offering courses like affiliate pro online. These courses will help people in learning the best email marketing strategies. By doing these courses you will be able to start a successful business online.

I hope you have got answer of your query about what is E-Farming. Keep visiting MavePhics for more interesting content.

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